Helping Improve flexibility, Mobility and Range of Motion, Naturally!

Oh those achy joints and what can we do to help this very common situation? Our Host Steve Herringer talks with Dr. Decker Weiss ND, lecturer and broadcaster to talk about this age old issue. Dr. Weiss helps us understand some of the latest findings in natural medicine for the treatment of this condition.

Dr. Decker Weiss, ND

Dr. Weiss is a Naturopathic Physician and the first to become a cardiologist, completing a non-invasive cardiovascular hospital-based training. He opened the breakthrough Scottsdale Heart Institute, where he helped thousands of patients reverse heart disease and manage arrhythmias naturally. In 2012, Dr. Weiss was named a “Leading Physician in the World” by the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners and the International Association of Cardiologists. He has worked in Haiti, Tibet, and Syria both in a medical capacity and as a researcher. Dr. Weiss is a best-selling author, radio host, and maintains a teaching-based practice in Arizona. He is also the director of Artis Research Center for Health and Medicine.