Save Our Supplements (NHP’s)

When you walk into your local health food store, you can find all kinds of safe, effective and high-quality supplements, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, herbal products and traditional medicines.  You and 77 per cent of Canadians choose these products known as NHP’s for the maintenance of good health.  Whatever NHPs you choose, it is important to know Canada is a global leader in the regulation of these products. The Canadian approach to regulation is often referred to as a “pre-approval” system, which means that all NHPs must be licensed by Health Canada before they are allowed to be legally sold to Canadians.

So what’s the problem?

Health Canada is now proposing changes that could significantly alter the way NHPs are regulated. This proposal is trying to fix a system that is not broken and will be a step backward instead of forward. Our current regulations take into account the unique properties and low-risk nature of these products, ensuring that you have access to NHPs that are safe, effective and of high quality, while respecting your freedom of choice, and the philosophical and cultural diversity of our country.

What does this mean for you?

This proposal is suggesting that Health Canada will no longer review some of the products before they are sold, and would require a disclaimer on labels to the effect of, “Health Canada has not reviewed for safety and efficacy.” Additionally, current claims about the products’ use may no longer be allowed, and would be removed from the label. This could limit the amount of information you receive about the products you use.

This proposal also recommends that some other NHP products may require a level of evidence similar to what is needed for drugs. Requiring this level of evidence is not reasonable for NHPs when considering their safe nature and long history of use. This will result in the loss of some products from store shelves.

These proposed changes will require companies to begin investing in substantial research for ingredients we know work based on historical use and traditional sources. This means that the cost of bringing these products to market will increase, resulting in increased costs for you

What can you do?

To help ensure you continue to have access to the NHPs you know and love, we need your help. Please visit right now to send a message to your Member of Parliament, letting them know these proposed changes are not acceptable. It will only take you one minute and will make a big difference in helping us ensure you continue to have access to your favourite safe and effective NHPs.

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Helen Long, President: CHFA

The Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) is Canada’s largest trade organization. As a trusted leader, the CHFA is dedicated to the advancement of the natural health industry in an ethical manner. CHFA is dedicated to improved access of all natural products which are safe, effective and of the highest quality.