Strategies for Natural Joint Health

By Sarah Holvik, BSc Nutrition

With the barrage of supplements available today, choosing a safe and effective product to address joint health issues can be anything but straight forward for consumers and health practitioners alike.

Many patients suffering from complaints from joint pain to stiffness and lack of mobility have tried a variety of options without finding a reliable, long-term strategy for relief. And while the word is getting out about the dangers of pharmaceutical options for pain relief, from the increased risk of ulcers to cardiovascular and kidney complications, the world of natural alternatives still largely remains a quagmire of products with widely varying results beyond placebo.

So the questions arise: is a 50/50 shot at relief good enough for you? How, as consumers or practitioners, can we forage through the weeds and effectively assess or recommend options that work?

Joint Pain 101 – Why Do Joints Hurt?

The fact is that our lives today are riddled with joint pain-inducing influences. Research suggests that the abundance of saturated fat, refined sugars and starches, salt, dairy, caffeine, red meat and even some vegetables (for example, tomatoes, peppers and eggplant from the nightshade family) in our diets can worsen arthritic conditions.

The combined inflammatory effect of our sedentary lives with consuming a high-calorie diet deficient in essential nutrients is a major instigator of joint health issues today.

Stress is also a major contributor to pain in the body, as it activates specific biochemical pathways that signal a chronic inflammatory response if left unchecked. Additionally, exposure to environmental toxins also play a role in elevating the body’s overall inflammatory burden and can increase symptoms of existing joint conditions.

Natural Anti-inflammatory Ingredients

Inflammation calmers are ingredients that naturally reduce the inflammatory response in the joints.
Choosing a unique, silicate mineral complex containing a wide spectrum of minerals, such as SierraSil is a great option. A key benefit of this type of mineral complex is that it also works to calm inflammation and gently detoxify because of its clay silicate structure.

The clinical and anecdotal results with regards to osteoarthritis symptoms experienced by SierraSil® Joint Formula 14™ users are mainly attributed to the noted absorptive capacity of clays. SierraSil passes inertly through the digestive tract, binding inflammatory toxins during transit and allowing for their safe elimination from the body which elicits a net anti-inflammatory effect.

A Complex Process, Simplified

Whether you are an arthritis sufferer or a practitioner trying to assist your patients in finding an effective treatment option, using a combination approach including lifestyle modifications and targeted supplementation, can greatly assist you in determining the best course of action and get you to the winning side of 50/50 to achieving symptom relief.

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