Dr. Melissa Carr, B.Sc., Dr.TCM

Dr. Melissa Carr is a registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vancouver, B.C. Melissa has always been active, despite knee pain that caused her to have to wear knee braces starting at age 12. Because of this, she became interested in finding ways to help others live the healthy lives they want. After completing a degree in Human Kinetics, she headed to Japan to do research at a medical university. Two years later, with the knowledge that she much preferred working with people, not doing lab work, she found her dream career, and thus started her studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Acupuncture and TCM have allowed her to ditch the knee braces, and since 2001 she has been using acupuncture, biopuncture, Chinese herbs, supplements, nutrition, and lifestyle recommendations to help her patients do the things they love, including, of course, yoga.