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Iron deficiency is more than just fatigue

Iron deficiency is the most common nutrient deficiency in the world, but how does low iron actually impact our health? Iron is like a delivery truck that picks up oxygen from our lungs and carries it to every cell in the body via the blood stream. Once our cells receive oxygen, they use it to Read more »

Finding the Perfect Probiotic

Change how you think about probiotics While your digestive tract offers up about 250 square metres of living space for bacteria, it’s not the only place they call home, and the impact they have on your health extends far beyond the gut. For example, changes in the gut microbiome influence the stress response, mood, sleep Read more »

An Amazing Retail Experience – The Big Carrot

The Big Carrot Natural Food Market is thrilled to open the doors of its second location in June 2018 in Toronto’s east end Beaches community. After 35 years on the Danforth, The Big Carrot is expanding into new neighbourhoods with fresh branding and messaging around the company values and commitments. The Big Carrot is a Read more »

Vision Protection in the Digital Age

Can you guess what has popped up as one of today’s most concerning health hazards? We are all exposed to it every day. It’s not a contagious virus or bacteria but it’s more frequent than the common cold. It’s called ‘blue light’ and scientists are warning us that it poses very serious risks to our Read more »

Mighty Magnesium: Your Health Depends On It

Is feeling anxious, nervous, or irritated – or all three! – becoming your new norm? If so, you’re not alone. These feelings are shared by many of us today as we’re bombarded by digital connections in all aspects of our lives, not to mention additional professional, personal and environmental stressors. Research suggests that stress is Read more »

Why do we need a multi?

The multivitamin mineral formula is widely accepted as a must use daily supplement and for good reason. Most of us appreciate that we’re not getting all the nutrients we need from diet alone. That’s likely why, according to Statistics Canada, roughly a quarter of Canadians use multivitamins.1 One can think of a multi as an Read more »

Sisu Ester-C®

How many colds or flu do YOU get each year? One? Two? More? You’re not alone. The average adult suffers two to four colds per year. Stress, diet, and lifestyle can all affect your immune system, which makes it difficult to fight off the germs and viruses you are exposed to every day. Vitamin C may be the best-known micro nutrient Read more »