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Nelson Narciso, author

Why do we need a multi? // 

The multivitamin mineral formula is widely accepted as a must use daily supplement and for good reason. Most of us appreciate that we’re not getting all the nutrients we need from diet alone. That’s likely why, according to Statistics Canada, roughly a quarter of Canadians use multivitamins.1 One can think of a multi as an Read more »


Tawnya Ritco, RHN, author

Planning the best fight against cold and fever // 

It is that time of year again. It’s time to bundle up, dress warmer and get set to take on the fight against the common cold and related fever, cough and sore throat. Our first line of defense is always a good offense. When it comes to reducing our chances of catching a cold and Read more »


Lisa Petty, MA, ROHP, author

Sisu Ester-C® // 

How many colds or flu do YOU get each year? One? Two? More? You’re not alone. The average adult suffers two to four colds per year. Stress, diet, and lifestyle can all affect your immune system, which makes it difficult to fight off the germs and viruses you are exposed to every day. Vitamin C may be the best-known micro nutrient for preventing Read more »


Desiree Nielsen, BSc RD, author

On Guard! How Bacteria Bolster Your Immune Defenses // 

Your immune system works hard everyday to protect you against the hostile external world. A sneeze on the train, an undercooked hamburger or a splinter from a park bench all incite an immune response that keeps your body healthy. It seems logical that an immune system designed to protect you against bad bugs would see Read more »


Sarah Holvik, BSc Nutrition, author

Strategies for Natural Joint Health // 

With the barrage of supplements available today, choosing a safe and effective product to address joint health issues can be anything but straight forward for consumers and health practitioners alike. Many patients suffering from complaints from joint pain to stiffness and lack of mobility have tried a variety of options without finding a reliable, long-term Read more »


Dr. Jonathan Beatty, ND, author

Supporting Brain Function // 

Question: I have a family history of early onset cognitive impairment, is there anything I can do to reduce my risks? Dr, Beatty: Absolutely there are steps that you should be taking. People often speak about dementia as unavoidable, but research has shown a few key factors contributing to the disease development. Understanding how dementia Read more »


Dr. Sara Celik, ND, author

Probiotics For Your Health // 

Our understanding of health has greatly changed over the years. We used to believe that avoiding germs, eating a balanced diet and regular exercise were enough to protect us from sickness and common health conditions. However, we soon realized that there is much more involved in achieving optimal health. In fact, it has become clear Read more »


SISU, author

Unlocking the Powerful Health Benefits of Curcumin // 

Curcumin. In addition to giving turmeric its bright, golden colour, this naturally occurring curcuminoid is a powerhouse of potential health benefits. Safe and natural curcumin has been shown in preliminary studies to have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties can have beneficial effects on degenerative diseases and conditions such as depression, diabetes, and heart Read more »


Maureen Kirkpatrick, author

Sustainability, Organics and GMO Free from The Big Carrot // 

The Big Carrot is a worker owned natural food store in Toronto’s east end. In November we will celebrate our 33rd anniversary. We work with over 250 local Ontario growers and vendors and are deeply committed to the development and success of Ontario’s real food economy. At The Big Carrot we are convinced that Organic Read more »


Helen Long, President: CHFA, author

Save Our Supplements (NHP’s) // 

When you walk into your local health food store, you can find all kinds of safe, effective and high-quality supplements, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, herbal products and traditional medicines.  You and 77 per cent of Canadians choose these products known as NHP’s for the maintenance of good health.  Whatever NHPs you choose, it is important to Read more »